Hours of service

This course will cover the Regulations for Hours of Service in both Canada and the United States as of September 2020 and includes how to complete a daily record of duty status under a variety of conditions. Pre-trip planning suggestions and inspection regulations for both countries are also covered.

Why Take LC's HOS Training Course?

  • List the information needed to prepare for a trip.
  • Explain the effects of fatigue and how to minimize them during a trip.
  • Explain the importance of Hours of Service Regulations.
  • List the hour restrictions for each duty type.
  • List the main components of an inspection report.
  • Complete and certify a daily record of duty status using remarks, edits and annotations.
  • Explain the sleeper berth exception.
  • List the Hours of Service exceptions for emergency and adverse driving conditions.


  • 1.5 Hours

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