Safety and Compliance

Transportation is one of the most regulated industries in Canada and USA. One of the main roles of the Safety and Compliance Personnel is to ensure that all the safety rules and regulations set by the Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Transportation are followed by the trucking companies. Whether you’re a beginner or already pursuing a career in the industry, our course can upgrade you to render services to your employer.

Students will receive detailed training on all the MTO and DOT rules and regulations along with hands-on practical experience on how to be compliant. At the end of the course, the student will be able to manage a Carrier’s Safety and Compliance Program.

Why Take LC's Safety and Compliance training Course?

  • Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration.
  • National Safety Code.
  • US (DOT) Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • Canada (MTO) Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • Hours of Service and Logbook (USA & Canada).
  • Preventive Maintenance, Record Keeping and Vehicle Files.
  • Driver and Vehicle Safety Authorities and Permits.
  • Commercial Vehicle Weights and Dimensions.
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection at Scale.
  • Dangerous Goods.

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